Our LED Products

LED Tubes
Choose from T5 or T8 size. 4000 Kelvin or 5000 Kelvin color. 2 FT, 4 FT and 8 FT Tubes. We offer direct wire or "plug in play" options. We can special order 3k or 6k color temps and Clear covers.
LED Panels
Choose from 2x2 ft or 2x4 ft panel tiles. 4000k or 5000k color. All panels are frosted and dimmable capable.
Integrated Linear LED
Choose between 22w 4ft or 44w 8ft lengths. 5000k color. Connect up to 210 watts of lights together on one line. Mount lights almost anywhere you need on one outlet plug or direct wire into J-Box
UFO High Bays
Choose from 150 watt or 200 watt units. All units are 5000k color. IP 65 wet rated. Lenses and motion sensors can be added onto each unit.
High-Bays and Low-Bays
Choose from 100 watt- 250 watt units. 5000k color. Acrylic or Aluminum shields can be added to each unit.
Screw-In LED lights
Choose from 8 watt-150 watt CORN style bulbs. 5000k color. Some units can be enclosed in fixtures and have internal cooling fan.
LED Accessories
We offer different lens, covers, sensors and connections to make your lighting the best it can be.
8 foot LED linears
Choose from Single pin or RDC bases. 4000k or 5000k color. 36 watts per bulb. Direct wire only. (Special order 3k color temp)
HID direct replacements
Direct replacement HID LEDs. No ballast disconnection needed. Take out existing metal halide or HPS bulb and screw in LED bulb. (Must have operating ballast to work)
Rotatable Half Corn Lamps
HID Replacement LED Lamps
Post Top LED
Replace your existing HID bulbs with LED Post Top Lamps
Linear High Bay
Flat linear style High Bays for your shop or Warehouse. Choose from 90watts-225watts
LED Canopy Fixture
Outdoor LED Canopy fixture. Perfect for loading docks and walkways. This product is IP65 wet rated and comes in various wattage outputs to accommodate your ceiling height.
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Rotatable Half Corn Lamps

HID Replacement LED Lamps