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Brimar LED’s leadership team, calls on more than 30 years of commercial lighting experience in Chicagoland. Their expertise has provided thousands of businesses, with unique solutions to their energy savings challenges while providing unparalleled lighting quality for their businesses.

Our mission is to provide a brighter, more efficient and longer lasting light, to commercial, Industrial and Institutional businesses.

Environmental studies show that compact fluorescent light bulbs, metal halide and High pressure sodium lights contain dangerous toxins and chemicals.

Brimar LED was founded, on the philosophy of being a good corporate citizen and a strong advocate for the environment.

We meet the exact requirements of our

clients, while offering up to a dramatic 80% energy savings. We are a ComEd ally and preferred distributor with access to all currently available rebate programs.


Whether your project only calls for lighting replacements or you require a complete project installed, we offer well over 120 different LED products and accessories to make sure your lighting project is done right.

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